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Bombings in New York City and New Jersey

Tannerite® Sports, like most, is now aware of the tragic events that took place in New York City and New Jersey on Saturday, September 17, 2016.  The entire staff of Tannerite® stands together in the abhorrence and unintended use of all products that are misused for violence and hate.  Our prayers and thoughts go out to the individuals and families who are victims of these acts.  We further stand by ready to assist law enforcement in any manner needed to bring those to justice that are responsible for these acts.

Tannerite’s corporate investigator has been working to determine if, indeed, our product was factually and positively identified in connection with these acts of violence.  At this time, we are unable to validate these allegations due to it being an ongoing investigation.

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Tannerite Reactive Rifle Target and Rifle

If you know your rifle, and can hit a 3" target every time, you should not have any problem with 100% detonation when shooting Tannerite® brand targets. If you are shooting long range and there is a chance of a miss, graze, glancing hit, or skip-fire (round skipping into the target due to a slightly low hit) you should wrap the target in red duck-tape. This prevents leakage or spills due to a bad hit and you may continue shooting the target until you make a solid hit. This is what we do when shooting 4-6 hundred meters and it prevents lids being blown off or other similar scenarios.

For safety reasons and to prevent skip-fires, you should always suspend the rifle target off the ground. Many customers tape it to a wooden rod about 2 feet off the ground, while others suspend it with a rope or string from a tree branch. Always know your back-stop when doing this, so that there is no chance of a stray round.


FBI intended use of Tannerite

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