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This is the home of Tannerite®, the only company to successfully patent the Binary Reactive Rifle Target.

Safe and Legal: Tannerite® Brand targets are specifically designed to be safe and only initiated by a centerfire rifle. Only Tannerite® holds a valid patent on Binary Exploding Rifle Targets. We have spent many years perfecting our product. This product must be used as instructed. Follow the directions! If you have a questions, please contact us!

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quick facts…

    • .223/5.56mm NATO (the common AR15/M16 or Ruger Mini-14 round)
    • 5.45x39mm (the AK-74 round)
    • 6mm Remington
    • .243 Winchester
    • .270
    • 7.62x39mm (the AK-47 round)
    • 7mm Remington Magnum
    • .300 Savage
    • .308/7.62mm NATO
    • .30-06
    • .300 Remington Magnum
    • .338 Remington Magnum
    • .50 Browning (the .50 caliber machine gun round)

Tannerite® brand targets are meant to be stored in a dry, room temperature location and can last about 10 years!

Place ¼, ½, and 1 lb targets down range at least 100 yards before shooting. Place 2 lb targets 200 yards down range before shooting.

Legal use of these targets is as a shot indicator ONLY. Do not mix over 2lb per shot.

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